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About Dr. Roshan Rayen, M.D.S


Dr.Roshan Rayen,M.D.S basically is a specialist in pediatric dentistry who has inculcated Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Inhalational Sedation(NOIS) in his clinical practice since 2010. He routinely practices sedation dentistry on a day to day basis. He has three centres and all are fully equipped to perform sedation assisted dentistry. With more than Seventeen years of postgraduate clinical experience he has documented a lot of his interesting clinical cases with videos under nitrous oxide  oxygen inhalational sedation. He has given guest lectures in various national forums on nitous oxide oxygen inhalational sedation across Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. He is one among the few pioneer pediatric dental surgeons in India to perform.

NOIS with utmost comfort and ease. As he practices general dentistry also in one of his centres he performs NOIS dentistry for other dental specialities like oral surgery, periodontia, endodontics, implantology (etc). Indian Dental Sedation Academy has been started with the vision of envisioning our fellow dental surgeons in the field of NOIS.

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