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About Indian Dental Sedation Academy (IDSA)





Small Consistent Steps to conduct NOIS workshops in achieving our vision



  • Imbibe Confidence

  • Infuse Confidence

  • Impart Confidence

Confidence is the key to practice NOIS

To make every good dental practice in India to practice NOIS by 31st Jan 2031

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This sedation Academy has started with a board of members to initiate training programs for the fellow dentists. There are various aspects of dental sedation. The most commonest and widely practiced type of sedation by dentists is nitrous oxide oxygen inhalational sedation [NOIS]. The next method requires the presence of anesthetist in intravenous sedation [IVS]. THE TRAINING PROGRAM is based on protocols followed in the U.K and U.S.A for nitrous oxide oxygen inhalational sedation.

The board of members and committee members include fellow postgraduate dentists and anesthetists who have been doing sedation assisted dentistry for more than five years and have sufficient experience and scientific documentations to share with the fellow dentists who are interested to learn.

Why Choose IDSA for NOIS??

1.    Training Program is designed for 14-16 hours as per the ADA ( American Dental association Guidelines) along with BLS (Basic life support) Training by TACT academy for two days.

2.    IDSA believes  in teamwork. The Panel of speakers with same core ideologies share their knowledge on a common platform which also includes an anaesthetist


3.      The training will be able to discuss four different NOIS delivery equipment's so that candidates know the nuances of each and every equipment and its subtle differences and guide them to choose the right delivery unit according to their usage and convenience.


4. In our training's the conversion ratio of candidates practicing NOIS is more than 60 % which is the highest among all other training's happening all over INDIA


5. IDSA does not believe at number of candidates but we look at minimal numbers and maximum one to one discussions so that the candidate gets the complete confidence to practice NOIS independently


6. Candidates receive two certificates at the end of the training…one for BLS (Basic life support and one for NOIS training).


7. The panel of speakers have more than ten years of experience in NOIS. So you get to interact with speakers with a lot of clinical acumen.


8. The advisory panel anaesthetist in our panel is an exclusive facio maxillary and dental anaesthesiologist with close to twenty years of experience in the field of sedation. He is a class apart anaesthetist when it comes to IV sedation assisted dentistry and out patient day care general anaesthesia for pediatric dental rehabilitation. 


9. The director and the  core team are full fledged clinicians who practice general dentistry as well as pediatric dentistry. So they will be able to deliver content on the usage of NOIS to all speciality dentists as well as general dentists and not restrict themselves to pediatric dentistry.


10. Apart from trainings, candidates can also plan for a mini observer ship with us which is the most unique feature of our training where you can see the real time handling of patients in the day to day practice.

At the outset IDSA prefers to be different to make a difference.

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